AMA January 2023

1. Roadmap / feature releases

Questions from Jess#8263, demigod, Stickyamp#4611, Khal#2437, ReceiptEater#6631, chromehearts#5039, Joshua#4420, Khal#2437, bobba#0001, championalex#9223, lou1e#0001, ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919, lurel#2442, true#9946, Queen Lio#1634, Irena#5963, Kriegberg#0001, Proteosoma#7062, Coraggio#0001, FlashForward1#2248, Tan#0001, Sam_6 | FLΛMILO#9430.

We had a ton of questions about the roadmap and timescales for when we expect to release certain features. We expect to have a roadmap for the community in around a month, perhaps 2. In terms of actual content and whether or not it’ll incentivise people to hold multiple avatars, you’ll have to be the judge of that when we release it 😏

There’s been feedback that we’re not moving fast enough, and that we’re not keeping to the roadmap milestones we shared last year. From the team’s perspective, we’re actually moving pretty quickly given the resources we have. Getting out an alpha with a small team is a huge achievement and one we’re extremely proud of. With regards to promises being “broken”, we’ve always been clear that our roadmaps are very rough estimates of what we think we can achieve. It’s also important to remember that we will move roadmap items around and prioritise them throughout the year, and that has an impact on milestones. In no way is the roadmap a hard promise, it’s a “map” for us to guide our journey and give an idea to the community of the things we’re planning on focusing on.

Below are some more general questions about roadmap items and their answers:

🔘 What happened to the effect we were supposed to get from Q4 2022? This had to be postponed. We’re hoping it’ll be released in Q1 or Q2 this year.
🔘 Do you think the Habbo X alpha 2 will be released in Q1? We’re going to keep updating Habbo X on a regular basis. But because we aren’t currently planning on closing the current alpha, it’s a bit unclear what we want to call “Alpha 2” at the moment. We need to decide whether or not the next major update is actually called Alpha 2, and how we’ll handle that.
🔘 When will we be able to place NFT furni in other people’s rooms? At the moment this isn’t prioritised over things like minting from inventory and Habbo X, but we know that it’s an issue for the community.
🔘 Will we see snapshot polls/voting mechanisms come back and be used to vote on “final pitches” for concepts on major features? Recently we’ve relied on the community council, but there’s no reason to not do this again.
🔘 Will the ticketing system for limited edition releases be up and running for the next release? Yes, it will. You’ll basically get one “entry” or ticket to buy the item per avatar you have. We’ll release more details about this before the drop.
🔘 In Habbo X, portrait traits and looks can be used on your in-game avatar. Is the plan to incorporate this via avatar trait editing (and burning), since it furthers the goal of additional customization? Not for avatar trait editing but this is something we are considering for another feature further on down the line.

2. Trait editing / minting furni from inventory

Questions from chromehearts#5039, Joshua#4420, Khal#2437, bobba#0001, championalex#9223, lou1e#0001, ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919, lurel#2442, true#9946, Queen Lio#1634.

We had a LOT of questions about trait editing and minting furni from your inventory. Trait editing is actually pretty close to being released. We’ll first release a test version that you’ll be able to play around with to see what’s possible with ANY avatar in the collection. Minting furni from your inventory is a huge feature, so we’re not expecting that to happen until the second half of this year at least. Queen Lio#1634 had some specific questions about the minting feature, which we can answer here:

🔘 Will items minted from one hotel be usable on all hotels? We’ve heard the Habbo community loud and clear and we know no one wants to break any of the economies our nine hotels have. The items that have a chance of breaking the economy will be locked to the hotel they came from and Habbo X.
🔘 Will we be able to distinguish items minted from different hotels? On IMX Marketplace, yes you should be able to (we will add that as a trait). In-game, we don’t yet know.
🔘 When will we get more specific information about furni minting? Closer to launch. Let’s say Q3.
🔘 Will there be any information released soon about pricing and what items are eligible for minting. Like above, closer to launch. Maybe Q3.

3️. Team structure and resources

Questions from Thymunn#3516, YoJack#8935, mamakevin2#0001, Khal#2437, Coraggio#0001, Raphs#1788, Irena#5963, PizzaParty#7094, lou1e#0001, chromehearts#5039

We had a lot of questions about the team, where our time is spent, who does what, etc. One question we had was about the Xmas period and why there were less people working at the time. Taking time off during December and January is common, but while we tried to keep the community informed about the issues, we accept there could have been more communication and it could have been better.

In terms of what we’re working on, it’s important to note that the people working in the Discord are not the people who are building Habbo X and designing furni. We also had some comments about the way in which staff sold their rooms. Staff were given test rooms on the condition that they were not to be sold for at least a year. However, rooms that were sold and tracked by the community were bought with personal funds. Staff were allowed to do what they wanted with these rooms.

We also had a fair amount of questions about the team and whether it’s expanding this year. We do want to hire new people, and while not 100% confirmed we are pretty sure we’ll get an extra designer for the team soon to help with item output. There’s also ongoing feedback that we only have one community coordinator, and that the community would like other community coordinators to interact in other languages. We understand how much you all want this, but at the moment we have no plans to hire extra community-focused staff. The fact that the team is small also means that we have less time to spend chatting to you in the Discord, particularly Muumiopappa himself which is what we know you all want!

There was one comment from PizzaParty#7094 about the level of knowledge in the customer service team ( We’ve heard your feedback about this, and we’re always improving in this area.

There were also some pretty specific questions about the team and what they are doing for the project, and what they are doing to “create value”. First of all, instead of looking at us as a group of people who increase the value of your Habbo NFTs, it’s better to instead see us as providing a fun and engaging experience with all the benefits and in-game utility NFTs can give their owners. Habbo X is a big part of this, but providing other utility is also important – NFT furni shop releases, trait editing, etc. In terms of what each person brings to the project, that’s easy to answer: we have a number of very talented people on the team, all working in specific areas – art, community, dev, project management, communications, etc.

4. Dev team

Questions from ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919, Thymunn#3516, bobba#0001, Coraggio#0001, Lanpapi#1335, Queen Lio#1634, Proteosoma#7062, Jess#8263.

We received a variety of questions from ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919 on the development process of Habbo X, attempting to gain clarity on how our developers work, as well as how Habbo and Habbo X are connected. Additionally, there were questions from others on Unity and whether it’s the right engine for Habbo X.

First of all, our development team is equipped with incredibly skilled developers, who’ve been tackling a large number of challenges, ensuring that the Habbo product can be brought into the web3 world. They meet frequently, every week, to discuss on-going work, our roadmap items, potential blockers, and release schedules.

For the connection between the Habbo and Habbo X team – as you know, we are two completely different teams. We believe it’s important that there is a team dedicated to building out new, and innovative technology within the web3 space. The Habbo, and HabboX teams are full of great developers, but nuances exist with respect to relevant technology skills. It’s critical to us that we have developers who both understand and love the HabboX product, but who also have experience working with the blockchain, and other web3 technologies, to ensure that we can rapidly deliver updates to you, our users.

Below are some more specific questions about Unity:

🔘 Thymunn#3516, bobba#0001, Coraggio#0001, Lanpapi#1335, ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919: The Unity client is not good and hasn’t improved enough, why are you using it for Habbo X? We believe the Unity game engine to be more than capable of providing a great experience for Habbo X. It’s a modern game engine used to build modern games. There are several developers working on improving it and the goal is to have a good client in the end. It will take time, of course.
🔘 Queen Lio#1634: Do staff plan to fix the issues with the Unity client – unusable by current users, unfriendly to new users, glitchy, etc? If so, how? Yes. With lots of love and development.
🔘 Proteosoma#7062: How much time do you think we have to wait to have a desktop Habbo X building interface at least equal to the (far from perfect) interface of the legacy Hotel? We don’t have any estimates yet but we’re constantly working on improving the Unity client, and the building interface is a high priority for us.
🔘 Jess#8263: Habbo X was meant to be a “clean slate” – are we using/recycling old legacy code that we should be moving away from or is Habbo X’s unity code entirely separate from the code for legacy hotels? We are building on top of the old code. That is one of the reasons we have the Unity client. It doesn’t make sense to start over since we have so much code already. The “clean slate” means more new game design concepts, features and a new economy.
🔘 ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919: Anyone who works on Unity to implement or rather redo the Habbo code with languages ​​(C++? C#, python) what language are they using? It uses C#. There are no plans to re-do Habbo in another programming language, as we believe Unity is more than capable of providing the experience you expect.
🔘 ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919: Are devs working on the last stable version of the beta version of Unity? We do not make use of beta versions of the Unity game engine with the products we ship to you. We make use of the LTS versions of the game engine, found here:

5. Communication

Questions from urba#7425, championalex#9223, YoJack#8935
mamakevin2#0001, Jess#8263, Kramdos「クランドス」#9298, Queen Lio#1634, bobba#0001, neon#4737

There were a number of general questions around communication, as well as some that touch on the genesis room mint:

🔘 neon#4737: Is there a possibility for us to get updates of what’s being worked on priority wise? We try to be transparent about what the developers are working on wherever possible, and at the moment the dev updates we post on Twitter and Discord are a great way of doing this. They allow us to show what we’re currently working on, what we’ve just completed, and what we intend to work on in the near future. Our roadmap will allow us to show what we want to do on a more long-term basis.
🔘 mamakevin2#0001: We want at least a monthly AMA with the team. Why is Muumiopappa not in the Discord anymore? Having a monthly AMA is something we’d also like to do with the community wherever possible. We understand that the community wants to hear directly from Muumiopappa on a regular basis but it’s not always possible as he’s so busy. However, we’re working on this and hope to have at least semi-regular town halls/AMAs.
🔘 neon#4737: We want actual dates about the roadmap instead of being told it’s coming “soon”. That is unfortunately not going to be possible. The release process is complex and time consuming, so estimating when we are going to release things is impossible because it changes often. We cannot lock release dates down until a couple of weeks before the release.
🔘 Jess#8263: What are your plans for improved documentation? We plan to spend time editing and adding to existing Medium blogs to ensure the information is accurate. There are no plans to put release notes on the website, but it’s a good suggestion. Going forward we don’t plan to transcribe Twitter Spaces as it’s extremely time intensive. Where possible we will provide a short written summary of the main points of Twitter Spaces, and we’ll also probably end up doing more written AMAs in the same style as this one to ensure people can read them when they like.
🔘 Queen Lio#1634 and bobba#0001: When do you plan to release a clear statement on genesis rooms that outlines everything we need to know? We intend to go back to this blog and edit it / add to it based on all new information that dropped in the lead up to and after the mint:

We also received some questions from Kramdos「クランドス」#9298 about findings from our community survey we recently carried out:

🔘What was the most unexpected piece of feedback you got? It has taken a considerable amount of time to go through it all, but it’s been interesting to read all the input and hear your thoughts on everything from larger themes and project directions to intricate mechanics of the game. One especially heart warming insight is how much the community has enjoyed the cultural exchange with users from hotels all around the world.
🔘 What is the main takeaway from the results of the poll? The survey was designed with the aim to collect input in many different areas of the project in order for the team to get a better picture of what the community wishes for and prioritizes. This makes it difficult to boil it down to a single main takeaway, but we assure you that we have gained many valuable insights that we are working with in order to make the game as good as possible for you.
🔘 How many players have you contacted for further 1-to-1’s? We haven’t yet conducted any one-to-one interviews.
🔘 What’s one change you’ve made due to the results of the poll? It takes time to analyze feedback from a community survey as large as this one was, but many valuable opinions and insights have been documented and will function as a solid foundation for many upcoming features and decisions. Many insights have also been shared with the various affected parts of the team.

6. NFT credits

Questions from chromehearts#5039, mamakevin2#0001, Jess#8263, Irena#5963, itsspacey#2874, FiresS#1985, championalex#9223, lou1e#0001, TruthSeeker#0359, QDave#0001

There has been a lot of discussion around NFTC in the server, with many of you specifically worried about controlling the amount currently in our ecosystem. itsspacey#2874, mamakevin2#0001, FiresS#1985, championalex#9223, lou1e#0001 asked for details on how we plan on burning more NFTC. In the short term, we plan on introducing more features such as room upgrading (which should be a huge sink), trait editing/crafted genesis collection, minting items from your Habbo inventory, NFT Factory, etc. In the long term, we’re aiming to update the NFTC design (have max supply, etc.) and have a working economy in Habbo X that sinks NFTC as well.

chromehearts#5039 asked whether anything had changed internally since our NFTC supply was higher than we originally thought and the answer is – no, the plan was always to add features and items to the shop to sink NFTC. He also specifically asked if we planned to sell NFT chat bubbles, profile backgrounds, effects, room backgrounds, badges in the shop – which we think is highly likely.

Last year we mentioned the prospect of having a treasury for the project once we got further into Habbo X’s development. chromehearts#5039, mamakevin2#0001, Jess#8263, and Irena#5963 asked questions around details of the treasury and whether we thought it was a good idea in general. Pretty much all projects that have a token also have a treasury. This treasury is used for a variety of different things, such as marketing but also for rewarding the holders. The plan has always been that Habbo X will have a “rewarding feature” meaning you should be able to earn the in-game currency there. Of course, one option is to have a new currency as the in-game currency (making the economy more confusing) which means the Habbo X treasury would then be filled with the new currency. But that doesn’t take away the fact we would still need to have some NFTC for marketing purposes (e.g. giving some NFTC to our collab projects could introduce more people into our ecosystem, etc.)

Some final questions:

🔘 TruthSeeker#0359, QDave#0001: When is value going to accrue to credits and when will concrete tokenomics with emissions cuts and a max supply come out? NFTC should not be viewed as a “value accruing” or “value generating” feature. They are just the currency we use for our NFT ecosystem: a tool that is required for minting some of the items, currency needed to use some of the features, etc. In no way it should be viewed as an investment.
🔘 TruthSeeker#0359, QDave#0001, Irena#5963: When will we get an ERC20 token? No news on this at the moment. Muumiopappa has started brainstorming an idea he’s had for a new non-ERC-20 token (as well as considering updating our NFTC) as it’s taking too long to get the okay for the ERC-20 token.

7️. Discord and community engagement

Questions from Thymunn#3516, Raphs#1788, mamakevin2#0001, Celso#7411, Jholo#6157, xiaojun#8969, Coraggio#0001, GuiAlmeidaDiniz#0022, ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919, Irena#5963.

Some questions we had focused on the community engagement aspect of the project and the Discord. It’s important to remember that not only do we only have one full time community staff – Hajautus – but also that we need to keep the server free of toxicity. Sanctions like time outs and bans are sometimes necessary to de-escalate toxic situations and to remove bad actors. While they do their best, our staff can’t answer every single question that’s sent to them, so just because your question is not answered it doesn’t mean you’re being ignored. One recurring question was about prizes being donated. The room design competition winners will be donated soon – we’re doing the remaining mints all in one go. With regards to other prizes like the Trippy Anteater and Trippy Penguin, we’re always looking for ways to optimise how we give out prizes, for example Trippy Animal statues, but sometimes it takes longer than we’d like. Thanks in advance for your patience there.

Another topic that came up several times was the other language chats and the fact we don’t have full time NFT staff to interact with our other language communities. Currently, we don’t have plans to hire more community staff who can speak, for example, Spanish and Portuguese. Managing the language channels are quite time consuming and our volunteer mods do a great job. Some other points on this subject:

🔘 The leaderboard XP will not be coming back to language chats. The reason behind this is that it was heavily abused. Hajautus is looking at the current leaderboard system and reforming it to have a more beneficial addition to ALL language channels.
🔘 Giveaways will continue to be done in the #general chat. This is where most people are and it’s most active most of the time.
🔘 Given we only have one person working full time with the community, we feel that we run quite a few events in the different hotels. When time and resources allow, we’ll try to do more, and to do them more regularly, but we can’t promise to do this.

We also saw some comments about having selection processes for our Habbo X ambassador programme and community partner sites. In general we’re choosing to work with existing Discord mods because they put a lot of their spare time into the project and they work very well with Hajautus, which is extremely important. Selections for community partner sites are done by Hajautus based on how much they give back to the community. Creating a site with the hopes of just getting a badge and some benefits is something Hajautus wants to avoid at all cost, as the passion for the project is important.

Finally, we had some questions about the community council and how it works. As we progress the project and deliver new content and utility, we want our community to not only align but to be a part of these developments. The council is the connecting bridge between our internal teams and the network of our community and NFT holders. As the council consists of active members in the community, to interact simply continue your discussions in Discord and social media, as this really helps the project as a whole. So far the community council has already helped us a lot with feedback on existing features, future drops and gauging the community reaction to specific things as well as overall sentiment.

8️. Habbo X’s future

Questions from mastermchtt#6382, Proteosoma#7062, Hellypse#2685, Mutahnt#8541, Kramdos「クランドス」#9298

There were a number of questions about how we see Habbo X growing and evolving over the long term. We firmly believe that we’re working on something very special here, and in order to get a lot of people into the game, it not only has to be fun and engaging but we also need to do a lot of good marketing. We think a lot of people seem to forget that we are in alpha 1 – VERY early in Habbo X’s development. The game is missing a lot of features, so we’ll keep adding more and more this year. The alpha is also limited to avatar owners, so having a quiet Habbo X is something the team entirely expected. It’s not meant to be full at this stage.

The main appeal of Habbo X will be that it’s a fun place where you can engage with your communities and enjoy all sorts of experiences created both by the room owners and us. Whether it’s mini-games, chat rooms or other types of experiences you are hopefully able to earn something interesting and progress on your path.

One question from Kramdos「クランドス」#9298 asked about the lack of user generated content and how this will be fixed. We’d throw the question back: what type of user generated content would you like to see in the game? The main focus for UGC is rooms, you can already start building in these with a huge selection of free items, Wired included. If you’re talking about user designed items, we’ve been discussing ways we could start introducing those into the game. One other point is that as Habbo X grows in user numbers, there will naturally be more user-generated games and activities. And they’ll be easier to build than they are in Habbo because everyone has access to a huge library of items.

A couple more specific questions from Kramdos「クランドス」#9298:

🔘 What motivation (demand) do players without Habbo X rooms have to obtain NFT credits and NFT furni? You can use the items in all nine Habbo servers, so this is one side of it. We’re also always looking at ways to give everyone the chance to use your furni in Habbo X as well.
🔘 Who is in the target audience of Habbo X? Are you looking to convert existing Habbo players into Habbo X players, as well as introducing Habbo X to a new audience? If so, what incentives will existing players have to leave their existing Habbo items and rooms to play in a newly created hotel? We don’t want Habbos to leave their web2 communities. Ideally, Habbo X would provide additional content and you would want to spend some of your time there. There are hundreds of millions of old Habbos who don’t play the game anymore. We would love to engage them and get them back to playing Habbo. We will also look to do marketing to introduce the Habbo brand to a wider audience, so I would say our target audience is 18+ adults.

9. Habbo X’s features

There were a lot of quite specific questions around Habbo X features, so we decided to just list them all in this section.

🔘 bobba#0001: Why are you using Nametag, it’s a dead project. When we announced the Nametag integration it wasn’t a dead project. Having it live in the game doesn’t affect anyone negatively, and removing it now would be way worse as people are expecting to be able to use their Nametags.
🔘 Novenger#7220: Will you add features to Habbo X that legacy doesn’t have? Yep, that’s the plan. Eventually, not anytime soon though. We need to add other more core features before we can do this.
🔘 demigod: Could you hire an extra developer for Habbo X to work on extra features that the community votes for? This would be fantastic to have, but hiring a dev specifically to work on community-requested features isn’t in our current plans.
🔘 demigod: Can you allow for many more clothing items to be given for free in Habbo X? Yes and no. We want to keep the free item selection small. However, we will add most of the free items as unlocks in the progression and achievement paths to make them interesting. So free to play players will be able to earn access to clothing items that way.
🔘 xxx887#7011 and Irena#5963: Is in-game trading anywhere in the priority list for Habbo X? It will be looked at as part of the Habbo X marketplace implementation. And the marketplace is one of the highest priorities for this year.
🔘 Kramdos「クランドス」#9298: Will Habbo Avatars never lose their ability to have free Habbo Club and Builders Club in Habbo, even after the release of Habbo X? If they get to keep it, why will someone want to play Habbo X over regular Habbo? We have no plans to discontinue the perks in Habbo. We don’t see them “either or” games – you can play both. We hope we are able to create such a great game in Habbo X that people will want to play both.
🔘 Kramdos「クランドス」#9298: Will all future NFT items, even after the release of Habbo X, be functional in Habbo? The current plan is that most of the items will be usable also in Habbo. There might be some items that cannot or should not be used in Habbo but we are expecting that to be an exception and not a rule.
🔘 Novenger#7220 Can you control the use of alternative accounts to fill in their rooms to earn NFTc in the future? This is something we are thinking of constantly. We can limit the earnings to some extent, e.g., only count users with NFTs (Avatars for example). That doesn’t prevent all the exploits but should limit them. But again, we are still figuring out what our options are.
🔘 lou1e#0001 Why are you copying some web2 features with no changes but then want to change the best fundamental parts of habbo (rooms)? Some have been copied as is as we haven’t had the time to do anything to them. Pets, but also stuff like achievements as well. We’re planning on redoing them at some point in time. The way we have rooms now is the core idea of Habbo X, and copying that part from Habbo wouldn’t make any sense from our point of view.
🔘 Queen Lio#1634: Are you running by structural/aesthetic changes by the community council? Yes, we’re running several things through the council and are planning many more this year.
🔘 ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919 When will you share information about renting avatars? When it is relevant. Since Habbo X isn’t anywhere close to being ready there’s very little reason to have avatar renting out yet.
🔘 ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919 The same question for minigames, badges, fansite activities, achievements, blueprints? Closer to their release!

10. Furni release/designs

Questions from sor#8239, FiresS#1985, BlankosJesus#8537, Queen Lio#1634, Thymunn#3516, mamakevin2#0001, Sam_6 | FLΛMILO#9430, championalex#9223, Murloc#7146, Jess#8263.

Lots of you asked us about the actual rate of furni output. We know this is a big issue for the community and we’re working on it. We feel like it’s necessary to point out that we do release quite a lot of items, however they are sometimes bundled in different ways. For example in gift boxes, or the upcoming NFT Factory furni. Overall, the plan is to aim to be able to release furni or clothing weekly, or at the very least at the same every other week pace we maintained last year.

One community member suggested that we should just do recolours if it’s time consuming to do brand new items. While we promised to do more Trippy recolours in a recent Discord post, the community seems to be quite divided on this, so we’ll try and strike a balance. We are also trying to find ways to improve our efficiency so that we can release more new content in the credit shop, but keep in mind that that the NFT project is not just about the credit shop, there’s also Habbo X, collaborations, marketing art and other things that the art team needs to work on.

We also had a lot of people complaining that we don’t create the items suggested in the furni suggestion channel. We do monitor the furni suggestion channel but it’s difficult to do everything the community wants. Some stuff is also not possible to do from a technical standpoint, and we need a balanced release schedule. Many features of our future roadmap will be discussed with the Community Council, this will include future furni. So to help with this process please continue your conversations and discussions as the Community Council are active members in the community.

In terms of actual designs, there were questions about the design process and what affects what items we make. We’re attempting to both please the community and drain NFT credits. We could do constant Trippy recolours but that wouldn’t be fun for builders or overall a positive thing for the economy, so we try to do a balance.

Some more specific questions:

🔘 Murloc#7146: Why did you do so many of the same items of clothing for Xmas? Mainly it’s down to needing to have items in the shop to release but not having a huge amount of time because of other demands on the art team.
🔘 Murloc#7146, mamakevin2#0001: If you’re struggling with output, consider reaching out to the artists in the community. Not a bad idea, and something we might experiment with this year.
🔘 Tan#0001: Why don’t you have the same sort of regular output as Habbo? While we don’t produce the same amount of furni as the Habbo team does (mainly due to the number of people in each team), we do release furni semi-regularly where we can. Output should improve in 2023.
🔘 bobba#0001: Why arent the furniture items on Habbo X up to par with It’s worth pointing out that we’ve had a lot of good feedback about item designs, and opinions about furni design are subjective. However, we’ve taken this feedback into account.
🔘 Fridso.eth#8364: wen more airdrops? Airdrops are not the best way to engage the active, core community.
🔘 Jess#8263: Can the team take a cohesive stance on rares that aligns with the legacy hotels? We’re not aiming to copy Habbo’s rare/LTD model. As said on the website and in previous communications, while there is no reason to re-release the vast majority of items we release (limited edition furni and genesis clothing the notables here), we are not able to commit to it.
🔘 Thymunn#3516: Why was it possible to create 11600 avatars without money from the avatar mint and not enough time to create furni? Avatars were randomly generated a year ago and it took the Habbo design team roughly 4 months to create all the assets for them. There is enough time to make furni, and we’re producing it.

11. Genesis Habbo X room mint

Questions from Irena#5963, Queen Lio#1634, Raphs#1788

There were a number of errors during the room mint. Specifically with poor communication, confusion around features, and technical issues. You can check our communication section above, but for technical issues and what changes we’re making in that area, see below:

🔘 In 2023 we will make sure that all feature designs and drops are checked and approved by multiple people. Goals and exact requirements need to be 100% clear for internal people before development commences.
🔘 Internal processes for releases will be sharpened to make sure there is less confusion and a clear direction when releasing features.
🔘 More developer time will be allocated to testing features on our test and production servers.
🔘 Confirmed, finalised features will be outlined clearly to the entire team far further in advance of their release.

There were also questions in the AMA channel and in the run up to the mint about why the genesis Habbo X room mint was such a high priority for us. We’re building a game and rooms are a core part of that game, and ensuring the alpha allowed Avatar Owners to build in their own spaces was a big priority. Secondly, like any other project, gaming studio or business, we need some form of revenue. Royalties on avatars, portraits and Immutable X are not enough to sustain the project so we needed to prove to our parent company, Azerion, that we can get revenue in order to expand the team, do marketing, and so on.

Finally, we had a fair few comments about whitelist spots and why that wasn’t more transparent, why some people got them without winning giveaways, etc. We didn’t have specific criteria that you needed to fulfill to get whitelist spots, instead we reached out directly to existing collab partners and other strong projects to offer whitelist spots. We also gave avatar and portrait holders ample opportunities to get on the whitelist, and lots of opportunities to get on the reserve list. Some whitelist spots were given to people inside and outside the project based on their outward marketing potential, or based on their standing in the web3 community or the Habbo NFT community. This is quite typical of how whitelist spots are distributed. Nevertheless, we’ve heard the feedback about being more transparent when it comes to whitelist allocation and we’ve taken it into consideration for our next mint.

12. Genesis Habbo X rooms

Some people also had specific questions about genesis Habbo X rooms, so we’ve listed them below:

🔘 Queen Lio#1634: Are there aspects/features of genesis rooms that you all have yet to decide about? What are they? One major thing is the location in the hotel. We have ideas for that but we will fine tune the ideas when developing the map feature. We’re also not completely decided on the item balancing for NFT factories.
🔘 AniekEline#3090, chromehearts#5039: When will the NFTC accumulation for the rooms start? We’re expecting it to start either Q1 or early Q2.
🔘 Khal#2437: The rooms weren’t unique enough for me. I would have like them to have more traits like avatars and portraits. Rooms are a completely different product to avatars and portraits. Instead of being a usable avatar or a PFP, they are bits of digital land you can use in Habbo X. We added the room design trait to make them look different but yes, ultimately they are bits of digital land.
🔘 ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919: When is the NFTC sale happening for genesis rooms and how is it going to work? We don’t have a precise date yet, but we hope to do this soon. Most of the work to make it possible is already done.

13. NFT Factories

Questions from chromehearts#5039, ! [IT] eleonoraporta#7919 and Jess#8263

We had a couple of questions about NFT Factories and whether or not the items your factories produce will be rotated, or changed periodically. Having rotations would be a huge amount of work from the design team, time that the community has clearly said they’d prefer to be spent creating items for the NFT Shop.

We also had a question asking whether or not we’d add new items to craft from the items your NFT Factory produces. The answer to this is yes, the idea is that we would introduce new crafting recipes to keep things fresh and interesting.

One last question on this subject was why we decided to link the items to rarity instead of size. One option we have at the moment is that the “Room Design” trait only affects one of the items in the factory. Size would affect the other one and the third item would be completely random.

14. General questions

🔘 chromehearts#5039: Does Azerion like the current path we’re on? Yes, Azerion is 100% behind the project and the path we’re taking.
🔘 Sam_6 | FLΛMILO#9430: Will you compensate users for the Q4 issues with a free NFT furni? We don’t currently have any plans to distribute a free NFT furni to everyone, but we’re actively working on new NFT furni to be purchased with NFT credits.
🔘 Khal#2437: We want to be able to showcase our NFTs from the ETH/IMX/Polygon/Solana networks. No immediate plans to do this.
🔘 Khal#2437: We want events in other metaworlds like DCL and Sandbox We’re currently having a big Habbo-themed experience being built for us in Sandbox. This will be huge!
🔘 chanell02#3220: Will you do anything about the multiple avatars that have been stolen? We’re not able to intervene when it comes to stolen avatars as the information is stored on the blockchain and not our own servers.
🔘 weerickymood#5625: Have you considered using AI art services to generate Habbo content? Designing and building Habbo furni is a very specialist skill and currently wouldn’t be doable by consumer-ready AI services.
🔘 SJ#0001: Please allow us to authorise our secondary wallet for claims, logging in of habbo X etc. We’ve heard this request but it’s not currently in our roadmap.
🔘 Coraggio#0001, Kramdos「クランドス」#9298, lou1e#0001: Are people who have bought Habbo NFTs considered investors? NFTs are not an investment. They are a digital product you can use in our ecosystem, and to some extent outside our ecosystem as well.
🔘 Pizzo#3514: When will discrepancies between what avatars look like on OpenSea and in-game be fixed? This issue has been reported to the team, currently we don’t have an estimate when it’ll be fixed.
🔘 Irena#5963: What do you mean by web2 expansions for the project? Working with Web2 brands and infrastructure, both digital & physical.
🔘 mamakevin2#0001: When will you do marketing? We’re reviewing new marketing strategies hitting on a number of key aspects within Habbo such as community, socials and products just to name a few. New marketing strategies take time, but change is on the way.
🔘 Thymunn#3516: Why are we not allowed casinos in Habbo X? Habbo X is about having fun, socialising and creating and we don’t see gambling as a positive behaviour that we want to allow or endorse. It’s also a highly regulated activity and the laws differ between countries, so to allow it would require us to jump through a ton of legal hoops.
🔘 Thymunn#3516: Why are we allowed to use more than 3 dice in Habbo X? We don’t have a definite, confirmed position on how many dice are allowed, the number of dice allowed in Habbo X could easily change later on.
🔘 Kramdos「クランドス」#9298: Will gambling with NFT Credits be allowed in Habbo X? How will you stop it if not? Using wired furni to randomise items to place bets can get you banned from Habbo X permanently.
🔘 Coraggio#0001: Can we get NFT furni for each of the avatars and portraits we have? Cool idea, but not something we’ll pursue at this point.
🔘 Khal#2437: We want a DAO. Cool idea, but probably not something we’ll end up doing.

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