Mint Habbo X NFT Rooms with NFT Credits – Date Announced

There are still 100x genesis Habbo X rooms left to mint until the collection is complete at a total supply of 1,300. As promised last year, these remaining 100 rooms will be sold as Studio Rooms for NFT credits 🤌

Habbo NFT decided to utilize the limited edition draw system they have in place for this drop. On February 9th they’ll be running a draw for 100x limited edition Big Habbo X Room Keys in the NFT shop: for 24 hours. Each entry will cost 6,000 NFT credits.

Following the end of the draw entry sales, a script will run, airdropping limited edition Habbo X Room keys to 100x random people who purchased a draw entry.

Around 24 hours after the limited edition sale comes to an end and the limited edition Room keys have been dropped, the Habbo NFT team will do a snapshot to see which wallets contain the keys. They’ll then airdrop a Studio Room to each wallet that contains a key. The rooms will all have randomized room design traits.

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