What are gas fees on Ethereum?

Gas fees are the fees that you pay to use the Ethereum network. They are used to pay for the computational resources that are required to process transactions on the network. Gas fees can vary depending on the demand for the network, and they can be quite high at times.

How do gas fees work for Habbo NFTs?

When you buy or sell a Habbo NFT, you will need to pay a gas fee. The amount of the gas fee will depend on the current gas price and the size of the transaction. You can check the current gas price on websites like Etherscan:

How to reduce gas fees for Habbo NFTs

There are a few things you can do to reduce gas fees for Habbo NFTs:

For the collections on IMX, gas isn’t a issue as Immutable is a gasless solution to trading. The only time you need to pay gas is when you deposit or withdraw ETH onto the Immutable platform.