TokenTrove is a marketplace built for your assets on ImmutableX, similar to how OpenSea is a marketplace built for your assets on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s conveniently gas free also.

What can I use TokenTrove for as a Habbo NFT owner?

How to navigate on TokenTrove


Connect your wallet by clicking on the button on the top right

On the search box under collections, type Habbo to find the Habbo marketplace

Here you will see the marketplace and all of the items, you can filter it on the left side bar to your preference depending on what you are looking for


To Buy an item just click on it and click on the button that says Buy Now with your wallet connected

Untitled (30)-min

To see your assets, click on my account on the top right

Click on any of your items to either list them for sale or transfer to another wallet, you will see both options on the bottom (List Now) (Transfer). It should be quick and easy.

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TokenTrove is safe to use and it’s an official link recommended and posted on the official Habbo NFT website and on their Discord.