About us

Habbo3 is the first Habbo X Fansite to publicly launch. It went live on September 29, 2022 right after Habbo X’s first year anniversary. It became an official Community Partner for Habbo X on November 4th, 2022.

Habbo3 was founded by Demigod, who since the beginning of the Habbo NFT project announcement, has had a vision to create a fansite based on community made tools and articles. He has been a Habbo community member since the early 2000’s and with his technical knowledge and experience, his vision to create the fansite was made possible.

Demigod wanted to keep the name short and simple, and with Habbo being introduced into the Web3, he came up with the name Habbo3

The main goal was to become Habbo X’s first official Community Fansite, which it happened on November 4th of 2022. Demigod’s other goal is to have Habbo3 become the biggest and most active fansite of Habbo X, and to work among the Habbo X staff to provide the community with the best and most recent information possible.