Collectors Guild AMA – Copy from Discord

AMA with Olsoweir in Discord

Collector Wallets

If you ban someone who has collectibles in their Collector Wallet, do they lose access to them?
Yes, Collector Wallets are tied to your Habbo account. If you lose access to your Habbo account, you will lose access to your Collector Wallet. Therefore we advise players to transfer the collectibles they don’t need for trading in-game to their MetaMask wallet. It’s actually best practice to do this as you will want your Premium Collectibles and any sets you have in one wallet anyway, in order to get better bonus XP, bonus items and better seasonal gift boxes and drops.

Who is handling the FIAT on-ramp? Stardust?
This isn’t relevant because the Collector Wallet is simply being used to store collectibles to be used for in-game trading. In fact, no one should send ETH to their Collector Wallet as there is no use for it there – ETH should be stored in MetaMask wallets for use on Immutable’s Marketplace and L1 marketplaces like Blur and OpenSea. We are planning on adding more support, such as for ETH marketplaces, for the Stardust wallet in the future but it will take time.

Can you add an option to bypass the custodial wallet system so that rewards just go straight to the linked MetaMask wallet?
We are planning on adding a “wallet settings” tab to the Collectors Guild in 2024. One setting we are looking at implementing is the “default wallet for rewards” option, in which you can choose which of your two wallets gets the rewards. However, this is not yet set in stone and depending how much time it would take to implement we may still leave that feature out, at least from the first version.

Can you add an option to bypass the custodial wallet system so that rewards just go straight to the linked MetaMask wallet?
We are planning on adding a “wallet settings” tab to the Collectors Guild in 2024. One setting we are looking at implementing is the “default wallet for rewards” option, in which you can choose which of your two wallets gets the rewards. However, this is not yet set in stone and depending how much time it would take to implement we may still leave that feature out, at least from the first version.

Was Stardust the only wallet solution, and therefore the new fees were inevitable? Or were there other options?
We actually went through numerous options and there simply wasn’t one that was the right price at the same time as being suitable. Stardust was by far the best option for us as that enables us to do tons of cool stuff inside the game. Pixels Online also uses Stardust, and they have a good reputation within the web3 space. We also looked at solutions like IMX Passport but that didn’t fit our needs at this stage.

If people do not transfer the items to their Collector Wallet, will they consequently not register a higher Collector XP / level, and not be entitled to extra Gift Boxes?
Your Collector XP and level will be calculated based on the collectibles in your wallet, whether it’s your MetaMask wallet, or your Collector Wallet. If you distribute the collectibles from a set across both wallets, you will not get the bonus XP for the set. The set’s collectibles must be in one wallet to be considered a complete set.

It’s for this reason that we advise that you keep sets of Regular Collectibles in your MetaMask wallet, because that is where your Premium Collectibles are held, and you want them all to count towards your Collector XP and level. For people who already hold lots of our collectibles – premium and regular – we envision them only really needing to transfer collectibles from their MetaMask wallet to their Collector Wallet when they want to sell them to players for Silver, in-game.

We are also looking to add a new feature somewhere down the line which will let you link multiple wallets together under one account. When we have that, we’ll be able to calculate the total Collector XP and Collector Level from multiple wallets you own, instead of just one.

How are you handling age restrictions where the Collector Wallet is used for in-game trading? Can people below 18 create a Collector Wallet?
Stardust is a 13+ service.

What happens if you adopt the new wallet system and pay for it, but people decide not to support it and thus you won’t collect any fees from it?
This is a bridge we’d cross when we come to it. Although if we don’t have the Collector Wallet, we’d need to find another solution, or potentially not have in-gaming collectible trading at all.

Just make a global Habbo ID at this point where we link our local Habbo accounts and wallets to. This account would be able hold Silver or any other currency, wallet, whatever.
This is actually something we want to do next year. We really need to have this in order to have matching collections in both Habbo and on the website without breaking Collector Levels and XP.


Is there really a need for new currency?
Yes, we need to cover the operational expenses that come with providing these wallets to our community. We can’t use diamonds because it’s not a global currency and is priced differently in real terms between the nine hotels we operate. And we can’t use credits because a) it’s not a global currency, and b) we give it out for free in too many ways. This new currency also helps with onboarding people into the collectibles ecosystem, as it provides an easy way for non-web3 natives to buy collectibles.

Will it be possible to buy silver with ETH, or can you make it so?
We want to make it possible to buy anything on our website with ETH in the long term. Including Silver.

Will it be possible to trade legacy credits for silver since they both cost fiat $?
We are not allowing people to buy Silver directly from us with credits, you will need to use real money. But it could be that some players may choose to sell Silver they have bought for credits on the newly revamped Marketplace we’re working on, due for release in 2024.

Why can’t you use credits or NFTC instead of Silver?
Credits are not a global currency and are given out for free in too many ways. NFTC doesn’t provide any revenue for us, which we need in order to cover the operational expenses associated with giving out free Collector Wallets to everyone.

Can you start giving solid examples as soon as possible of some of the things Silver will be used for? Please elaborate in which trading processes Silver would be needed.
While we can’t provide precise details about the collectibles that will be purchasable from us with Silver, we can say that it’ll be used to do the following:

Note that Silver will also be used to buy Curator Stamps. You’ll also be able to buy Curator Stamps for 50 NFTC.

Can you guarantee this new currency will always stay optional?
This is quite a broad and ambiguous guarantee to make. All we can say it that we currently have no plans to use Silver for anything aside from the following:

If Silver is indeed introduced, could it be restricted to transaction fees only rather than becoming a general-purpose currency for extras?
We intend to charge Silver for some exclusive collectibles and Curator Stamps.

Is it possible to gain all the benefits of Premium Collectibles like avatars, rooms, etc without interacting with Silver?
You do not need to get a Collector Wallet or Silver to continue to collect and engage with the Habbo Collectibles ecosystem: you need silver only if you want to trade collectibles inside Habbo. You can buy stamps with NFTC, you can buy collectibles with NFTC, you can pay transfer fees between your Collector Wallet and MetaMask wallet with NFTC. The only thing NFTC cannot be used for currently is paying collectible trading fees in Habbo – on the Marketplace or in P2P collectible trades.

We expect some people will avoid Collector Wallets and Silver altogether and continue to collect Premium Collectibles, accumulate NFTC, and do pretty much everything they’ve been doing (crafting, opening gift boxes) on the Collectibles website. Indeed, your MetaMask wallet is where we expect you to hold your collections – Collector Wallets are only really needed if you want to sell your collectibles to players inside Habbo who do not want to use MetaMask wallets and Immutable’s Marketplace.

So since currency exchange rates are variable and change second to from one minute to the next, in order for this to hold true, all 9 hotels will have to peg their cost for Silver to a specific single base currency. What currency is the “default” price for silver basing off of?
There will definitely be fluctuations in the price of Silver, because we don’t have an automated system to change the price on the fly. We are basically pegging it to dollars with the classic 1$ = 1€ to simplify matters.

You said that we’d be able to sell web2 credit furni for NFTC. Can I do the same with Silver using the incoming P2P web2-web3 item trading feature?
We are planning on adding similar functionality to Silver to what we have for NFTC, where you can create NFTC tokens, basically NFTC versions of Habbo’s “Credit Furni”. Burning that furni gives back the predefined silver amount. And since that will be a collectible furni, you can trade it or sell it, yes.


Why are you making Habbo even more confusing with another additional currency? Does this help or hinder new users?
We accept that Habbo has many different currencies, and that this could be difficult to understand for new users, and frustrating to current users. However, in this case we needed a new currency to cover the operational expenses associated with the new wallet. Current currencies (credits and diamonds) did not fit our needs unfortunately.

In the future, is there any consideration for implementing KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements for the custodial wallets?
No plans at the moment.

Surely adding a new paid-for feature to enable NFT trading on the hotel would just encourage people to subvert this feature and risk being scammed?
In order for us to be able to provide the newly revamped, collectibles-enabled Marketplace and trading functionality in Habbo this is simply what we have to do. There will always be players who would rather complete trades outside the game and there is simply nothing we can do about it. Players do that at their own risk and we advise against doing that.

Collectibles that are only purchasable with Silver will clash with NFTC. How can you justify this? Can you guarantee that the new currency will not conflict with the interests of the NFTC and credit holders?
We want to provide new users with the ability to purchase collectibles without needing to get a MetaMask wallet and without needing to use Immutable’s Marketplace. The Silver that new users buy can also be used to buy collectibles that bigger holders decide to move to their Collector Wallet and sell in-game for Silver. We’d also like to point out that selling collectibles directly for ETH was part of the original roadmap, and we are a business that needs to support itself.

Why introduce Silver to curator stamps?
To make it easier for newcomers to use Collector Cabinets. The user flow is much easier with Silver. With NFTC, the user flow would be horrific as they’d need to go to Immutable to buy NFTC tokens, to convert back into NFTC.

Can you change it so that genesis rooms and avatars can generate Silver?
Avatars and rooms already generate the ecosystem’s premium currency: NFTC. We don’t plan to allow existing collectibles to generate Silver.

Can you commit to never creating a new currency ever again?
It wouldn’t be helpful to back ourselves into a corner by committing to this. Habbo could go on for many years and decades yet. There are potentially a multitude of reasons why we may need to add a new currency or replace an existing one in the ecosystem.

Less people will buy my NFTC now, what happened to my investment?
It’s important to remember that our collectibles are not investments. Also, it’s important to understand that NFTC remains the premium currency of our ecosystem, and we are not reducing the amount of utility NFTC provides.


Why wasn’t Silver included in yesterday’s announcement?
January’s release is mainly about the public release of the Collectors Guild and the in-game version of the Collection Screen. Silver won’t come into use on a wide basis until later on in 2024. However, we do understand that it might have been better for Silver to be included in the original blog to avoid unnecessary disappointment and anger. This is on us, and we’re sorry.

How does Habbo plan to address the negative reaction from the community on Discord?
The team predicted that the introduction of Silver would be received badly by the community. Introducing new paid products is always difficult, particularly in web3-focused communities where the economic model can be slightly different, depending on the products and project.

We aim to address the negative reaction by remaining communicative and educational about what we are doing, and why. This is the purpose behind hosting an AMA for the community to get their questions answered.

Why are you saying that Silver is optional?
Because it is optional. Players are not forced to interact with Collector Wallets or to buy Silver – they can continue using just MetaMask and interacting with our website and Immutable’s Marketplace to buy and sell collectibles, and earn bonus items from the website version of the Collection Screen. If players want to make their collectibles available to purchase for the wider Habbo user base IN-GAME, they are free to do so, but it’s not possible with MetaMask wallets. A Collector Wallet is needed, and Silver is needed to cover the overall costs associated with wallet creation.

Why are you marketing the wallets as free?
While you will need to spend a small amount of Silver to start selling your collectibles on the newly revamped in-game Marketplace we’re releasing, you can recoup this by selling the collectibles themselves to other players for Silver. So, in theory you’d only need to spend a small sum of money if you don’t spend the Silver you obtain from the sales of your collectibles.

We’ll also add the ability to convert your Silver into actual tokens you can sell on, just like you can do with NFTC.

Technical Questions

Once you finish a set, do you have to hold them forever? Or can we sell and keep the XP?
No, to retain the XP you need to retain the set.

Will collab items count for XP score? (i/e wearables and furni from CoolCats, Kongz, Smurf etc)
Yes, these will be part of a set.

Will I be able to sell my collectibles for Silver on the newly revamped, incoming Marketplace?
Yes. At least that is our current design for the newly revamped, collectibles-enabled Marketplace.

Will I be able to sell my Silver to other players? If so, how?
We aim to add Silver furni similar to NFTC Tokens and Habbo’s Credit Furni. These will be collectible items you can trade and sell like any other collectible items.

When I’m transferring collectibles between wallets, or trading more than one collectible in one trade, will I be charged one transaction fee? Or do I get charged more Silver the more I transfer?
Current plan is to have a flat fee for each transaction. I.e. you won’t be charged more Silver if you transfer 100 items in one go.

Will the incoming web2-web3 item trading feature be in room / in person, or via the Marketplace?
This is TBC.

Habbo X

Where are the play-to-earn features you talked so much about?
We have already introduced NFTC gates and NFTC accumulation increases for higher activity in Habbo X. Those features can be used to create play-to-earn experiences there. In addition to that, we plan to introduce collectibles-focused features to both Habbo and Habbo X where you can earn collectible items by completing quests, obtaining achievements, and so on.

What’s the purpose of Habbo X now?
It will be one important source for collectible items. We’re also looking to introduce additional ways that room owners can reward people who visit their rooms.

Community Questions

How often would there be exclusive silver items released? Will the value of the collectors stamp in silver be equal as nftc or +/-?
Team has not talked about the frequency of Silver item releases yet, details TBC
Can’t yet be specific about exactly how much Silver it’ll cost, but it’ll be roughly equivalent, yes

Following the negative response (306 downvotes compared to 13 upvotes), the community has expressed its opinions. I haven’t noticed any of our concerns from last night being addressed, which undermines my trust, and I assume it does for others as well. Is everything still firm in its decision despite the community’s disapproval, or is there room for reconsideration? (for example no NFT furni for Silver)
Currently, the team feels pretty firm about introducing collectibles to be purchased with Silver

“Who is handling the FIAT on-ramp? Stardust?” – the response provided to this is not in relation to the question. FIAT is £/$ real money. Your response refers to Ethereum. Is Habbo processing its own traditional currency payments for Silver (like it does with Credits) or is this being provided by Stardust?
Yes, we tried to make it clear that Silver is purchasable from Habbo’s web shop like credits and diamonds are. So, we are processing payments, not Stardust

Will the shop items we are seeing weekly be affected with silver items are added or will they be added along side, worry that we end up seeing a week where theres no NFTC items available but only Silver items to be purchased.
We don’t see the number of NFTC releases being affected at this stage

Owning a lot of premium collectibles, is still a benefit for airdrops? Or getting airdrops will be an exclusive for those have a lot of levels?
Yes, Premium Collectibles provide a lot of Collector XP, which will lead to better seasonal gift box drops

For “Silver-exclusives” collectibles, can’t you just have an option to pay either in NFTc or Silver? You said that Silver was completely optional, but if you start selling special collectibles with it, then it’s not so optional anymore for collectors ect. It’d be optional if it was strictly to cover the trading fees. I’m still really against the idea of having silver-only collectibles, and I don’t get why it is still marked as optional when in fact you’re going to use the currency for more things than just trading fees.
We intend to sell collectibles that can only be bought with Silver. It’s optional because you don’t need to purchase Silver, you can continue to engage with the ecosystem with just your MetaMask wallet, our website, and the Immutable Marketplace

If there is an intention to insert a transaction fee, why not use NFTC to validate transactions between legacy Habbo and Habbo NFT? This would increase the burning of NFTC, and the company would benefit in the same way, since an investment is needed to obtain NFTC, part of which goes to the company.
NFTC will be usable when transferring items between wallets, but for collectible trading transactions on the newly revamped Marketplace and P2P trades, we need to us Silver. NFTC doesn’t provide any revenue

I assume regardless of this session, your answers and our feedback, all of this is going ahead?
Yes, there is no plan to change anything. Confirmed this today with the team

I think they already earn enough with the opensea+immutable commissions to use this as an excuse to put in the silver.
we don’t earn enough (from royalties)
however, over time we can increase this with more people participating in the ecosystem, which is what this set of features aims to do

Why not get a feedback session with users prior to implementing or setting firm on approaches? Especially when it comes to HabboX where there’s so much invovement and partnership?
I think in this case, it wouldn’t have been helpful because players don’t want us to introduce Silver. But, as explained in the announcement and in this channel, we need to introduce it

What about erc20tokens for nftc and maybe Normal coins
We are not introducing an ERC20 token at this stage, or for the forseeable future

Random question but when is the full release of the collector cabinets of rares being released for stamps?
public release of Collector Cabinets is in January, after which we’ll begin selling Curator Stamps for NFTC and Silver

Are we still able to buy stamps with NFTC?
yep, they’ll be available for 50 NFTC

what will the security levels of the new wallet be? will there be new layers of security such as a pin password for transactions? or will access to the wallet give me free access to trades?
no pin password, it’s a truly seamless wallet with no transaction signing or anything. it’ll allow us to do lots of cool stuff with collectibles in Habbo 🙂

When are we getting our first silver purchasable nft?
Team has not talked about the first Silver item release yet, details TBC

Since it’s been outright stated that there’s no intention for the team to listen or care about our concerns, the AMA is really just an FAQ on what’s being done to us rather than any sort of discussion. Is there likely to be an apology made at any point for the insane nerfing of everything we’ve invested thus far, or even an acknowledgement of it? At the start it was stated that Avatars were going to be the grand totem of value on the new Habbo, then Portraits came to water it down, then Rooms were introduced with the furni factories that watered it down further etc etc, but all of these things at least stayed within the same ecosystem. Now there’s a whole new system for people to entirely bypass any need for Avatars, Rooms, or NFTC at all, and the excuse is that we haven’t given you enough money. It is extremely hard to trust that NFTC won’t be pushed aside and made entirely pointless, and very clearly when it’s money on the line for the company the best items are going to be made Silver-only, further damaging the value of everything released to this date.

Considering Silver is realistically (in this use case) just a new web2 Credit, it stands to reason that a massive amount of people who join to buy the exclusive Silver-only items won’t care at all about trading for Ethereum, so trades using NFTC will be exceptionally limited and therefore even more costly – it will, especially at the start, be more profitable for people to buy items using Silver than NFTC, and so NFTC will become the near redundant add-on which is far more “optional” than Silver. I understand that a business needs money, but this entire plan is at the massive detriment of everyone who’s been along for the ride and paying in since the beginning, a fact that seems to be shrugged off and given the Oh Well treatment. Are the team unaware of how markets work, or are we simply seen as a suitable sacrifice for the long-term cash vision?
you’re right in that this is a way to provide information to the community, and I understand it’s difficult to asked to part with your money, but Collector Wallets/Silver are not not mandatory, and their introduction is necessary for the ecosystem

Approximately at which date has the team made the decision to implement all of this? And what were some serious alternative options that were also on the table?
Silver and Collector Wallets are included in January’s release, whereas the other trading features will come later on in 2024

Will my avatars need to be put into the Stardust wallet and can they be banned or controlled? Or is it just about furniture?
as I understand it, you can’t put layer 1 assets in a Stardust wallet

For the full release of collector cabinets around how many items will be available to mint from since the first two test phase there was only a few. Are you planning to release around 50 – 100 items at once? Leaving so makes people speculate and just wonder what will be region lock and what wouldnt. A lot of players in the community would like a huge amount of classic rares to be released in the first batch instead.
planning on around 20 new Relics for Jan launch but this could easily change

Will Sulake reconsider since literally no one wants this mindless decision? Most things that affect us have been put to a poll but this is suddenly like… ok here you go, you all have to do this, we don’t care that you’ve spent thousands, you’re not investors, sorry about it.

The cost of these wallets that we are suddenly covering costs for – businesses have costs and we didn’t agree to front those costs. Did Sulake consider that as a “cost of doing business” instead of forcing investors to front more unnecessary money for another unnecessary currency? What was the deciding factor that the cost will be passed to us, was it too expensive for you? Transparency on your cost vs ours would be helpful to defend yourself in this matter.
this is an important business decision, it wouldn’t be sensible to have a poll on it
You don’t have to buy Silver, or get a Collector Wallet

What are the plans about region lock on minting relics? Are super rares going to be locked? If so, what’s the criteria on selecting the locked items?
As we release more and more Relics, all nine of our hotels’ economies could experience small, gradual changes — average credit prices of items will adjust as they are added to Collector Cabinets and made convertible to Relics.

In the most extreme cases where item supply and average marketplace prices differ between hotels, we have a “hotel lock” feature to use. When enabled, this feature prevents that particular type of Relic being used on any other hotel apart from Habbo X and the hotel it originated from. However, it’s important that the community understands we would only use this locking feature in extreme circumstances, and on a case by case basis.

Will it be possible to export already used clothes (activated my character) with stamps ? (rares/ltd)
no, we don’t plan to allow players to convert bound clothing to collectibles

I don’t feel like any of this really is motivating people to play Habbo X. First of all when do we address the freezing bug that freezes clients many people have that I have reported since pre-testing Habbo X and many other times. It makes it unplayable and is the reason I don’t get on Habbo X.

Second of all, are there ANY plans to make Habbo X like groundbreaking different from the main game?

I feel like Habbo X is awful marketing right now, imagine logging in there coming back to Habbo as a NFT dude and seeing 3 players online.
1. the team is aware the client is freezing, understand it’s frustrating, particularly for the events team that built the game but also of course for the players
2. we do have plans for Habbo X, but currently the focus is on Collectibles

In yesterday’s announcement it was said:

MetaMask wallets do not work inside Habbo in the seamless way we need them to. As a result, the in-game, collectibles-focused features mentioned above will require a Collector Wallet. We’re providing Collector Wallets FREE OF CHARGE to everyone.


1️⃣ If you were informed that the metamask wallet does not work the way you need it to, could you list what features the user who chooses not to join the collector wallet will not have?

2️⃣ Will there be any risk for the company if people start linking a collector wallet to several accounts (perhaps fake accounts) and not carry out any transactions that use silver? If this happens, is there a possibility of another tax or assessment being created?

3️⃣ Considering that it was announced from the beginning of the project that NFTC would be the only currency in the Habbo NFT/Collections universe, what guarantee do we have that a third currency will not be created if the company needs to raise more funds?


1️⃣ Considering that legacy items will be part of the collector’s wallet, will there be achievements/rewards that can only be obtained in the collector’s wallet using legacy items?

Sorry for the multiple questions, but I have a lot of questions and there is 15 minutes to ask again.

1. all in-game features – collectibles trading, gift box opening, crafting. but you can do all of that on the website
2. not sure to be honest, this doesn’t sound like something that should be a concern to players who are abiding by the law
3. I don’t remember us saying this, but if made this hard promise in our comms, I’d like to see it

Could you explain the reasoning that ‘the team’ categorically will not act upon any of the feedback from the projects investors (as confirmed today by the team)? To me, this sounds like “Yeah, we don’t care.” This leaves me (and many others) seriously questioning our positions/investments and how our voices/feedback will be considered further down the line, if at all.
we’ve been clear several times that you are not an investor. this is a game in which our collectibles provide utility

Do all existing LTD’s meet this criteria, or may some not have the lock?
we plan on adding the hotel lock to all LTDs

In the near future, since you’ll be adding Silver-only collectibles, will you make us pay NFTc + Silver just like legacy does with Credits + Diamonds? Do you plan to use Silver for purchasing upcoming LTDs & special collectibles and not use NFTc anymore? Would that make NFTc look obsolete and only being used to purchase regular furnis in the long term?
curently no plans to do any of the things you’ve raised here

What do you think is going to happen (if hopefully Habbo X has been around for more than 5 years) when introducing a FIAT payment currency in a supposed web3 game? You’re just encouraging carders and card thieves to launder money in your “game” and hurting the game’s economy like it happened with diamonds in Habbo Legacy… All that without taking into account all the exploits that are still to come. Do you honestly think that repeating the model that sank Habbo will work?
can’t really offer much insight into this, and it doesn’t really feel like a question

What do you think is going to happen (if hopefully Habbo X has been around for more than 5 years) when introducing a FIAT payment currency in a supposed web3 game? You’re just encouraging carders and card thieves to launder money in your “game” and hurting the game’s economy like it happened with diamonds in Habbo Legacy… All that without taking into account all the exploits that are still to come. Do you honestly think that repeating the model that sank Habbo will work?
can’t really offer much insight into this, and it doesn’t really feel like a question

Why for extreme case furnis hotel lock on all hotels? Why just not locked to the hotel where the furni is extremely expensive
that would make for confusing UX

how will the team cope with a malicious actor creating thousands of stardust wallets (which I assume would be a cost to sulake) and never engaging in the ecosystem (buying silver)?
we have ways to deal with this

With this new partnership with Stardust, does habbo have plans to start a more aggressive marketing campaign in 2024?
having the new wallet with Stardust doesn’t really affect our marketing plans

Will there be two usable markplaces (imx and yours)? Won’t that weaken trading on imx and on items that are on “metamask”?
not necessarily

Could you give an example of a furni that will be locked besides the LTD? I really want to know about the criteria of region lock
can’t provide examples at this stage

You talk about price and quantity, but what are the exact criteria for this? What is the price and quantity difference margin that will be used for the region lock tool?
we can’t be specific about this, every item is approached on a case by case basis

Imo the best way to make people and this feature get more attention:
Allow gamble. Gambling ban makes no sense if NFT Habbo X is for 18+ service and still forbidden.

we have no plans to allow gambling

Is any of our feedback valued or used given you are going ahead with things regardless.
feedback is valued, but the introduction of Silver is something we feel is necessary for the ecosystem. understandably players do not want a new hard currency introduced, it’s something we predicted would be the case

I find the prioritization of bug fixes and feature development puzzling. Why does Sulake invest in creating new features, such as the NFT pay gate, that remain unused due to client issues (which results in Habbo X being unpopular), rather than focusing on resolving Unity client issues first to facilitate the hotel’s growth? For example the freezing bug I brought up a message ago has been known by the team for years, yet something like that still isn’t fixed while it’s super crucial.
I can’t comment at length on prioritisation, but atm the focus is collectibles, not Habbo X

Is there any possibility of Habbo going back on its decisions based on this AMA?
currently, no

How about allowing luck based games for rewards and not necessarily monetary benefits?
no plans to do this

Any plans of making stardust wallet accessible outside of habbo (with metamask for example) so you wont necessarily lose your wallet when you lose access to your habbo account? Or is it intended that you want players to lose their stuff when banned?
no plans to make Stardust wallets accessible outside of Habbo

Any plans on merging all hotels into one, when is this step finally going to happen .. and delete habboX Hotel (or merge it somehow)

Also unity is still so badly optimized its a pain to use it.
When this is going to change, this taking ages

no plans to do this

Modern client is being improved consistently

1) will be possible to sell our nftc token after silver will be active? And whom to? 2) Will be silver allowed for people under 18teen? was it made for them?
yeah, nothing is changing in that respect with NFTC. you’ll still be able to sell it on Immutable MP

I don’t understand why open this ”AMA” if the opinion of those ”investing” in the project is not taken seriously. It seems like this is all just a smokescreen. I know you’re just an employee like any other, but maybe certain decisions can end everything.
the point of the AMA is to answer questions from the community. I’m communicating what we are doing, and why we are doing it

Just to confirm, you stated “NFTC will be usable when transferring items between wallets,”, 1) does this mean, i can send NFTs to in-game, by using NFTc as a fee? Regarding the ” One setting we are looking at implementing is the “default wallet for rewards” option to , in which you can choose which of your two wallets gets the rewards” in order to bypass the custodial wallet system, 2) Can this be used, so that people banned in Habbo, will automatically transfer stardust NFTs into IMX or can you at least provide a withdraw time period, for people to transfer items outside their starudst?
1. Yes, you can move your collectibles between Metamask and Collector Wallets using NFTC. 2. No plans to do that

Don’t Sulake understand that all these cashgrabs won’t matter if their is no player base left? With continuing distancing yourself from the community and not listen to the people that are playing your game you will see more and more of an decrease in people playing your game but also investors. Want to say thank you for taking your time to answer these questions tonight olsoweir❤️
I think any gaming company struggles with this image tbh. It’s a game, so it’s supposed to be fun, it’s not about making money, that’s what banks do, etc etc. But we are a business with wages to pay, and as said royalties on seconday market are not enough currently. We give out an insane amount of content for free, and while I understand that’s easy to get used to, it’d be great for the community to recognise that more

My question was not asking you about ‘why you won’t budge on silver’, so please, stop making this solely about silver.

My question was about the feedback of your current user base having 0 consideration or impact on the teams plans. You stated “Yes, there is no plan to change anything. Confirmed this today with the team”, so aside from ‘silver’, given the huge amount of feedback received on multiple points of the plans going forward, why is our feedback irrelevant? If/when the current NFT adopters and X user base sell up and leave, because their voices don’t matter, how do you plan to onboard your new user base, who so far seem very reluctant to make any adoption (thus some of these introduced changes) and also won’t matter to the company (like us)?
We act on community feedback all the time. just this week we decided to add more boxes to the snowman hunt event. we’ve done way more clothing this year based on community feedback, we’ve changed multiple item designs based on community feedback. what you’re saying is not true

Why did Habbo decide to get into the crypto space and sell those avatars, while they could’ve stayed in the current hotels? Seems like the pumping out the collectables and working on Habbo X burnt out a lot of money that was gained from the sell. From reading the responses here, it does not seem to be that profitable at all.
bringing web3 tech to Habbo was behind the decision to release avatars. there is a huge amount of potential, and this set of features aims to improve onboarding and expand the user base that are engaging with collectibles

A custodial wallet is not considered Web3 because it relies on a central authority to control and secure user assets. In Web3, the emphasis is on decentralization, where users have full control over their assets without the need for a central entity. Custodial wallets involve trusting a third party with asset custody, which goes against the decentralized principles of Web3.

Things like this slowly move away from web3 imo because there’s features gatekept only to these custodial wallets. I get a temporary wallet for onboarding, but if the onboarding process is as complex as this all sounds downloading metamask seems easier.
right, but MetaMask wallets are a crucial part of the ecosystem still, that isn’t changing. purists like yourself don’t need to interact with the Collectors Guild, it’s not mandatory
this is an onboarding feature mainly directed at new users, not multi holders

A custodial wallet is not considered Web3 because it relies on a central authority to control and secure user assets. In Web3, the emphasis is on decentralization, where users have full control over their assets without the need for a central entity. Custodial wallets involve trusting a third party with asset custody, which goes against the decentralized principles of Web3.

Things like this slowly move away from web3 imo because there’s features gatekept only to these custodial wallets. I get a temporary wallet for onboarding, but if the onboarding process is as complex as this all sounds downloading metamask seems easier.
right, but MetaMask wallets are a crucial part of the ecosystem still, that isn’t changing. purists like yourself don’t need to interact with the Collectors Guild, it’s not mandatory
this is an onboarding feature mainly directed at new users, not multi holders

Im sorry Olsoweir, any crypto or NFT project needs trust of it users. It’s an absolute core requirement. You – ‘the team’ – do not have the trust of this community or the ecosystem those above you are looking to build. I disagree with many about the commercial aspects, Sulake IS a business that has to make money for its shareholders, thats a fundamental. But what I fundamentally disagree with is the efforts to drive demand for one aspect of the game – lets say NFTC – and then dump on it with a new alternative. It is beyond shameful. The fact that you have today confirmed that wallets will be linked to moderation is also absolutely shameful. This is not -as the website article says – giving control and ownership of our assets. This is about putting more control back in to your hands. Who is the driving force behind this? Is it a Mummio brainwave? What has the response been within the council to these changes? You added more boxes to an event and more clothing due to community feedback, just ace. But ‘the team’ do not believe in responding to community feedback for economic fundamentals? Were you around when Habbo 2020 disaster happened? Was any of the NFT team? Is there a formal decision now to stop referring these items as NFTs given these decisions?

economic fundamentals are being driven by the team, not the community
council can speak for themselves, ask them
I was around when we removed trading, believe me 🙂 not many on the team were working on Habbo then but some definitely were
formal decision: (surprised you didn’t see this, are you part of the project?)

So we don’t need to keep any items(furni) in the stardust wallet unless we want to trade/sell P2P? Meaning once we complete a collectible set we can move it to our MM and still gain the XP if said set is complete? So what I’m understanding is that the Stardust wallet is a bridge to trade in game, not really to hold items, but the ones that you want to sell? So basically once you complete a collectible set(quest) you move it so it’s safer in MM with our other NFTs. Also once moved will the items(furni) show in the inventory section of the Habbo NFT page?

any plans to support classic client for habbo x due to persistent freeze and problems?
no plans for this, would be a huge amount of work (educated guess it would, anyway)

The current company that manages Habbo could look at the history of the game itself, we have already changed many currencies, Pixel, currency rates, diamonds. Many decisions were made because they didn’t work out, they alienated many players and were rethought. What led to creating Silver, instead of just modifying the IMX market to an internal one, already receiving the royalties they want, using the NFTc itself in its own market? This study would be interesting, even to reconsider the idea of not creating Silver.
MetaMask wallets don’t work in Habbo, and they are not seamless. we don’t want users to have to sign transactions or go to external sites to engage with collectibles

And every time you transfer between wallets you need to pay $
you can use NFTC to transfer collectibles between wallets, but Silver must be used for all in-game collectible trading transactions

I have a question, will you ever be more interested in fixing bugs than putting out a new coin?
devs regularly fix bugs in Habbo
few more questions and I’m gonna wrap it up for the night

If the furni be bought with silver, will these be send to our habbo wallet or our MM wallet then?
Items bought with Silver will always be put in your Collector Wallet

With bugs i think the people mean, the big bugs that prevent a nice playing of Habbo or Habbo X, like said above the freezing and more.
It’s too simplistic to ask this – devs are fixing bugs and putting out features. There may be a current issue with habbo X stability, but that doesn’t mean the entire team is going to drop working on Collectors Guild to fix / mitigate that issue

When will Habbo stop banning users who write in chat that they are selling their items for NFTC, ETH or dollars? (for the third time asking why I was ignored)
I can’t comment on this as it’s not my department, but I’ll raise it with Istanbul

how much are the costs for these wallets habbo is providing us for “free” that they are paying for? Will we need to pay for silver forever? When will we be able to cover the costs of the wallets?
sharing confidential business information like the cost of the wallets isn’t sensible or feasible
you don’t need to pay for Silver, it’s optional. but there’s certainly no plan to remove it in the future

Can’t we just have items bought with Silver directly sent to our Metamask Wallet instead? no current plans for this, but I guess it could be possible in the future

Hey Olso I recieved a question regarding the stardust wallet. Is it 1 wallet for all hotels? Or 1 per hotel?
1 for all hotels

When you are saying that some furnies/ltd are hotel locked, does that means that we can use them on X or not?
all collectibles will be usable on Habbo X
locking locks them to the hotel they originate from and Habbo X

I have an account on both and, will I be able to connect these accounts to the same wallet?

I have like 11 Army HumVee LTD’s, besides making a carpark on Habbo, can I do anything new with them in regards to all of this?
if they get added to Collector Cabinets, you could convert them to Relics
I’m wrapping it up now, gotta get some sleep

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