Community Question #3 – Did you buy Silver yet?

Community Interview

Did you buy Silver, and if you did what did you use it for and if you didn't why not and what would you make buy Silver?

Shadrah (.es)

I have not and will not buy silver, I will continue with my NFTc’s (emeralds) and I hope they don’t start releasing exclusive things for silver or forcing to move the nft’s to the new wallet.

I’m not in favor since it was announced, since it seems to me an excuse to cost those new purses that I think, nobody asked for, and that could have been done by simply sending the nft’s to a habbo purse and have them noted in a database without assuming a “high” additional cost, I think it was an excuse to bring out another currency.

Zowis (.es)

.gusi (.es)

I did not buy silver because I don’t see any use for it at the moment. I can buy seals with emeralds or through IMX if I need to.

I would consider buying silver once the in-game trading is enabled so it’s safer to trade but even then I don’t think I will buy it.

Another reason to buy silver could be a silver exclusive furni that I really really reaaally like but even then I would rather buy the furni through the game mp or IMX if possible.

Bayron (.es)

I didn’t buy silver for the simple reason that im always going to keep using the metamask wallet and i won’t buy because emeralds are cheaper

Tonisteiger (.es)

No, I have not bought Silver nor do I plan to do so.

I would only buy Silver if I made a mistake when minting a Furni and it was sent to the Stardust wallet, to pay the corresponding fee and return it to my Metamask wallet. Maybe I would buy Silver if they release some clothing or furni that I really like and can only be purchased with that currency.

Honestly, I am very against Plata, because our hotel (Habbo ES) has been seriously damaged in its history due to the ‘Carders’ / ‘Diamanteros’, which are people who either purchased cloned, stolen or prepaid cards. In a dubious way (with third party money) they buy credits in the Shop and thus launder it through Habbo, doing scams, etc. This practice is common in Latin America, where law enforcement is not as harsh as it should be with these types of people, and where those affected do not even trust that a complaint can help them. These people only bring a devaluation in the market, and they will do the same again, now with Silver where it can affect more serious investors and bring very negative consequences to the image of Habbo

Kamryn (.com)

As for me, no, I did not buy Silver. The reason I chose to not buy Silver is because it’s taking directly from the point of the way this NFT project began, and yes I intentionally said NFT instead of Collectibles. More and more they are turning away from the original people who got this project going — genesis avatar buyers. Would anything make me buy it? No. I would rather pay more for Emeralds to buy Curator Stamps or whatever else rather than buy Silver. With Silver being around it takes away incentive for people to buy/use Emeralds and those are the main “perk” of owning avatars. I believe this project should nullify Silver and Stardust wallets.

OG (.com)

I bought some to test minting with initially. Unlikely to be buying more because I’d sooner just buy them on IMX where I have a balance already

Patrick (.nl)

No I didn’t buy silver, and I don’t think I ever will. As if I want to mint furni I’ll just buy the curator stamps for nft cr. Also trading regular furni for collectibles isn’t interesting for me

Littlebast (.es)

Live Ale (.es)

I didn’t buy any silver yet. It feels like a poor monetization attempt and I much rather use nftc were possible. We already have too many currencies in the ecosystem, next we will be buying rubies

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