New relics (including iconic Throne) now available!

New Habbo Collectibles relics live

Exciting news for all Habbo enthusiasts! The much-anticipated feature is finally live – you can now convert your Thrones into Relics! Remember those items we previewed back in December? They are all eligible for this cool new conversion.

If you’re into minting, don’t miss this opportunity. Once you’ve transformed your Thrones, flaunt them on Twitter using the tags @Habbo and #HabboCollectibles. Let’s show the world the amazing collectibles from our community!

There are also some important updates to note:

  1. Collector Cabinets Visibility Issue Resolved: There was a hiccup where Collector Cabinets weren’t visible to players who don’t have Habbo Avatars or Habbo X Rooms. Good news – this is now fixed!
  2. Item Transfer Feature Under Development: The Habbo team is working diligently on a new feature that will enable you to transfer items from your Collector Wallet directly to your MetaMask wallet. This is a big step forward in enhancing your item management!
  3. Immutable Marketplace Image Glitches: Some users have reported issues with broken images on the Immutable Marketplace. The team is aware and is actively working to resolve this.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy collecting!

Check out the original post from Habbo for more details.

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