Habbo NFT Safety

This page is dedicated to know basic preventive measures to keep your information and your wallet safe, and to be aware of how to improve security when buying NFT’s.

Never click any links sent on discord/twitter by others.

These malicious links can collect your data in a matter of seconds and drain your wallet. Phishing is a commonly used tactic, by bad impersonators trying to find victims to click malicious links, unfortunately this has become very common on the NFT Space. It is a safe measure to disable DMs from any project’s server you are part of.

An attempt by an user to swap 3 Avatars for 1.75 fake Ethereum token.

Can you spot the difference between these two tokens?

Both these tokens are named the same, but there is a visual difference, the supply and token address of them is different.

Enable 2FA

On discord and any login platform you may be part of, as this provides an extra layer of security on your account. The second authentication method usually needs to be verified with something in your personal possession, such as your phone, as an addition to your normal username and password.

There are risks to depending highly on 2FA, 2FA links your crypto exchanges or social media accounts to a single weakness. That is your number. One of the most known one is

In a world, where privacy is being eroded, and the raise of connected devices, it won’t matter if your offline, all devices can detect your voice, your GPS by using signals in connected IoT (internet of things) devices like Amazon Echos to find your location.

These devices for consumers for cheap prices and is in house holds across the country, can expose your dynamic and live location as you move.

Have a strong password

How to generate a strong password?


Never share any type of personal information online like your real full name, address, email, phone numbers and social media accounts. In the wrong hands, this information can be used for malicious purposes to cause harm to others and to yourself.

Although it may seem, right now. You are holding a couple of NFT furnis, and that’s not important, you should think about the future. In the not so long future.

A wallet will represent you and your views, whether it’s

What ever you pay and own can be in a wallet, and that’s more permanent than an old tweet. All of this can be used against you, or used to stalk or dox/bully you.

Install an antivirus, this ensures you get protected and there is no spyware or keylogging hidden and recording what you do.

Cold Wallet and Burner Wallet

The cold wallet/vault is one that isn’t exposed to internet vulnerabilities or browser vunerabilities, it is referred as an offline or a hardware wallet. For example. a ledger. Using such a wallet means, the things you are really concerned about security wise, should be kept there, while things that you readily need available and using it for short-term trading and (don’t mind risking), you use a burner wallet. If your burner wallet ever gets hacked, the cold wallet is secure and is the backup. It should have more items stored there, especially the most valuable ones.

The purpose of a burner wallet is to have a separate wallet from your main wallet, for minting purposes or to interact in other websites that require your wallet to be signed in, so your true holdings are not exposed.

Be Cautious of new projects

Beware of Fake NFT’s. Be careful whenever you are minting a new NFT collection, or whenever you decide to join an existing one. Scammers will create fake nft collections stealing artwork from stolen artwork. Identifying these types of collections are usually known for:

If you ever want to risk into new NFT collection, or test a fake airdrop always use a burnet wallet with limited funds.

Recovery Phrase

Never share your metamask secret recovery phrase with anyone or have it exposed, or someone will have full access to your wallet. I recommend to store this either on a hardware wallet or on paper.

Only use trusted Marketplaces

Habbo NFT encourages the use of opensea strictly. It is the biggest NFT marketplace and the most trusted. Be mindful of the websites you use for trading/selling NFTS as these may not be safe and can put you at a high risk of losing your assets.

Our team has launched a new website for the release of Habbo Hotel: Origins.