Habbo NFT October Development Update

October 2022 Habbo NFT Development Update

What a Friday! Habbo NFT recently surprised users with a HUGE development update packed with details on the upcoming alpha hotel as well as all-new features like NFT rooms and trait editing. Plus, the update also included information on upcoming NFT shop releases and content for the Habbo X website itself, so there really was something for everyone!

Alpha 1 Hotel Updates

Following Habbo X’s popular pre-alpha release phase, the Habbo NFT team is currently hard at work developing the first phase of alpha testing. Here are some of the upcoming Habbo X features included in the development update:

  • Basic looks for users who don’t have or choose not to wear an avatar
  • The ability to build private rooms using a special collection of furniture
  • An updated look and feel for the new hotel, including an updated navigator

NFT Rooms Updates

Guest rooms in Habbo X will work differently than they do on legacy hotels. Instead of creating rooms from the navigator, rooms will be NFTs (similar to avatars, portraits, and NFT furniture). Here’s some of what is in progress:

  • The upcoming NFT room airdrop and room minting functionality on the Habbo NFT website
  • The shape and design of NFT rooms which will come in five different sizes from S to XXL
  • The tying of rooms to avatars, which will all come with their very own Habbo X room

Trait Editing Updates

Trait editing will allow avatar owners to combine two of their existing avatars into an all-new avatar which uses traits chosen from each of the original two avatars. Here’s what’s next for the feature:

  • Development of the trait editing tool which will allow users to design and mint their trait-edited avatar
  • Conceptualization and design of the all-new bonus traits which will be an option available to users who use a Rainbow, Trippy, or Ultra Trippy avatar as part of their trait editing combination

Habbo NFT Content Updates

Along with the alpha hotel and upcoming features like trait editing and furniture minting, the Habbo NFT team is also working on some of the content updates that will fill out the remainder of the year:

  • Designs for special NFT shop releases that will commemorate the Christmas season
  • The upcoming release of the very first NFT pet which will be airdropped to avatar holders
  • Content for the upcoming Habbo X website (being planned by Muumiopappa himself!)

What are you most excited for? Let Habbo know your thoughts by engaging with their development update tweet. Then, continue the conversation about all of the upcoming features and releases by joining our official Habbo3 Discord server!

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