Habbo NFT and Habbo merge together

Habbo Announces Changes to Its NFT Project

Habbo, the popular online community and virtual world, has announced exciting changes for its future, specifically regarding its non-fungible token (NFT) project.

In an official statement released by the Habbo staff, the NFT project has grown significantly over the past 18 months and is now an integral part of the platform. To ensure that players have a cohesive and clear experience, Habbo and the NFT project will be treated as one product, both internally and externally.

Integration of Habbo and Habbo NFT Teams

The Habbo and Habbo NFT teams will be integrated and streamlined to enhance the overall player experience.

“We need to adjust the way we do things to reflect that!” the Habbo staff stated. “This should help us to plan and execute much more effectively for Habbo’s future as a whole, with all the benefits NFTs and web3 technology brings.”

Shared Roadmap for Habbo's Future

Furthermore, Habbo will have a shared roadmap to prevent having two separate roadmaps, making it easier for players to navigate and plan for the platform’s future. The process of integrating and merging the two teams has already begun, and updates on events, marketing, and communication changes will be provided in the coming weeks and months.

Improved Player Experience

Habbo’s NFT project has been a non-intrusive, optional technology that many players have found enjoyable and beneficial. The team believes that this project is here to stay and that they must make necessary changes to reflect that. With the integration of the NFT project, players can expect a more streamlined and cohesive experience in Habbo’s future.

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