Habbo NFT’s 2nd anniversary items!

Announcement from Habbo's X Page:

hey hey community 👋

Starting September 25th, we’ll be celebrating @HabboNFT’s 2nd anniversary 🙌

As part of the celebrations we’ll be releasing an absolute stack of new furni and clothing, a lot of which will be contained within two different types of gift boxes – Hodler Gifts (left) and Habbo X Gifts (right).

Some items are exclusive to one of the two different boxes, and we’ve hidden some of them behind question marks for now. Watch out for that reveal later this month 👀

Avatar owners will be entitled to free daily Hodler Gifts (the golden-coloured box on the left), and all players will be able to earn the Habbo X Gifts during an open house event. You’ll also be able to buy both types of boxes from the Shop during the 2nd anniversary event 🛒

As you can see from the image, we’re introducing NFT speech bubbles as a first for the ecosystem. These will work on both the Classic and Modern clients 🫰

We’ll also be introducing a brand new NFT effect, more on this later as this won’t be included in the gift boxes 👀

Both the new speech bubbles and effect will be part of the Add Ons collection on Immutable: https://market.immutable.com/collections/0xacc8b12fd8b08ecea19fb586c0c744f423fc3dd2

there will also be a pretty significant crafting element centred around balloons and origami 🎈

collect different coloured balloons and origami to craft different animals and hats

if you collect all 10 of the different coloured craftable items, make sure to hold onto them because on October 16th we’ll do a snapshot of all wallets. If your wallet contains all 10 craftable items, you’ll be able to claim a free hat!


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