An update on the recent exploit – resolutions and moving forward

Osloweir had shared an important announcement in regards to the recent exploit in Habbo NFT:

Hey all, first and foremost we want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your understanding over the past four days or so. Your patience has been nothing short of invaluable 🤝

Exploit fixed

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve successfully identified the root cause of the exploit that resulted in an increased supply of Furni Factory items, and have implemented a patch to rectify the issue. It’s important to point out, that despite the result of the two exploits being the same (an oversupply of items), this is entirely separate to the exploit we identified on July 3rd (⁠📣︱announcements⁠). The most recent exploit is related to the actual opening of all types of gift boxes, as opposed to the minting of Furni Crates.

The exploit itself allowed the attacker to mint a number of exclusive Furni Factory items, including several of the rarer and harder-to-obtain ones. The vulnerability extended beyond services written and deployed by Sulake, but we could’ve caught this and are therefore taking accountability.

Remediation for affected members

After taking into account community feedback, and following lengthy discussions within the team about protecting the supply of the rarer items obtained from Furni Factories, we’ve altered the metadata of all 618 illegitimately minted items from Saturday’s exploit. They’re now Bug Portraits.

In the coming days, we’ll issue full refunds in ETH to legitimate wallets that bought any of the items that were then transformed into Bug Portraits.

Note that the ETH will be sent to your Ethereum wallet, not your IMX account.

Shop reopening

We’re now ready to reactivate the Shop and restore its full functionality. Additionally, to make up for the downtime, the items that were available in the Shop when we took it down will remain available for an extra four days.

Moving forward

We fully acknowledge the trust that needs to be rebuilt within our community. We are committed to demonstrating improvements in our processes to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.

We can’t thank you enough for your continued patience and understanding during this time. Rest assured, we’ll keep you promptly updated on our ongoing progress.

-The Habbo team

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