Summer Cool Boxes and Furni Factory

We got an absolutely massive info drop for you – (nearly) all of the items Habbo is releasing as part of the Habbo X alpha open house event (loads of summer-themed items) and the items genesis Habbo X room owners will be be able to get from their Furni Factories.

Summer Cool Boxes

These boxes are going to be available daily for free for Avatar Owners (info about exactly how many holders get will be shared closer to the time) and they’ll be available to purchase from the NFT Shop with NFTC.

Premium Summer Cool Boxes

These will also be available in the NFT Shop but they’ll cost more than the regular Summer Cool Boxes.

But, importantly they’ll also be a prize you get from finding and clicking on NPCs in Habbo X during the Alpha 2 event (like with the Smurfs event).

Note that the Trippy Aloe Plant is really hard to get with a quite a low drop rate.

Furni Factory items

Furni Factories provide Furni Crates on a monthly basis, and the crates contain a variety of different items, including different crafting ingredients you can use to create different variations of some items. The Bliss powder is notable as it’s the only way you’ll be able to craft some of the nicer Bliss-coloured classic rares.

Habbo NFT will share drop rates and crafting recipes closer to the launch of the alpha.

Note that they haven’t included the actual Furni Crates here, they’re not ready yet.

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