Guide: NFT Trippy Elephant Trouble Game (Global)

Oh No!

A Scammer has taken Haja’s Trippy Elephant, Time to help Haja get it back!
Join the Habbo NFT event team on their newest game and earn yourself a Trippy Elephant badge!

How to play:

1. Wait on the roller queue until is your turn to get teleported to the arrows.

2. Once you get to the arrows you have to move the bot with the arrows all the way to the right side of the room in front of the pillar.

The bot will only move only to the side that you are standing on when the rotating arrow platform on the right is facing that way.

3. You have 70 seconds to take the bot to the other side, once the bot is infront of the pillar and on top of the light type * to get the badge.

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