New marketplace for Habbo NFTs

Gm Habbos 👋

The Habbo NFT team recently had a brand new marketplace built for us by the team at OwnableX, go check it out:

The dashboard tab has a variety of information about each of the three collections and you can browse and buy NFTs from the collections tab.

All three of the IMX collections are available to trade there (Habbo Furni, Clothes and Tokens) and has a really cool UI and UX!

Sell NFTs

Click the “My Profile” button on the top right hand corner. Selling is simple – just click sell.

Transfer NFTs

Click on the name, then on “Actions” in the bottom left hand corner. This brings you to a screen where you can enter a wallet address to transfer it to. There’s a few pictures below that show the transfer process. And yes, this means you can now transfer NFT clothing items much more easily (no more IMX tools) 🙌

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