Demigod has been an active Habbo player since the early 2000's. He made his first website in 2005, which was actually a Habbo fansite! Very passionate about the new Habbo NFT project, he decided to create a fansite again to contribute to the Habbo metaverse.

hazy (neon)

Neon has been an active Habbo enthusiast for over 14 years. She gained interest in Habbo NFT since it was announced and now she actively educates and guides new players daily through the process of joining the NFT project by using her voice and her platforms.

Pixel Art and Graphics


ExtraKen (previously known as .-.eXtra.-) is an experienced Graphics Manager who worked for established Habbo fansites like Habbox, where he worked as both Graphics Staff and Graphics Designer previously. Known for designing many badges on .com you can check out in his room!

Event Team


Cactier first joined Habbo in 2006 as a part of Habbo’s expansive roleplaying community and eventually became interested in collecting rare furni & clothing. She’s been playing habbo on-and-off for 16 years and is passionate about building rooms. Her love for collecting has led her to HabboNFT and she is excited for future content!

Discord Moderator


Skupnosti joined Habbo in 2005 and was an active player for over 5 years. He returned to Habbo during the Covid-19 lockdowns and stayed around! He gained interest in Habbo NFT after learning about the metaverse and wanting to be part of Habbo's next chapter as it enters web3.

Discord Moderator