Silver: A new currency for the Habbo Collectibles / NFT ecosystem

Update on Discord by Olsoweir:

Hey all, we’ve already seen a lot of hype and discussion around the Collection Screen and Collectors Cabinet, but also some discussion around the features we want to add later on in 2024 like web2-web3 item trading, the newly revamped Marketplace, etc.

As well as reassuring you that the specifics of these features will be shared closer to the time they are released, in advance of tomorrow’s AMA I wanted to elaborate a bit on Collector Wallets and a new currency we’re introducing: Silver.

👛 Why do we need another wallet?

MetaMask wallets do not work inside Habbo in the seamless way we need them to. As a result, the in-game, collectibles-focused features mentioned above will require a Collector Wallet. We’re providing Collector Wallets FREE OF CHARGE to everyone.

While these wallets are free for the community, they are not free of cost for us. To offset some of these operational expenses, we need to introduce a minimal fee for collectible trades between players, paid in a brand new currency we’re introducing called Silver.

🪙 What is Silver?

Silver is a new currency that we’re introducing to the Habbo Collectibles ecosystem. You’ll be able to purchase it directly from all nine of our website shops where you purchase credits and diamonds.

🎟️ What you can use Silver for

To start off with, Silver’s main use will be to buy Curator Stamps for use in Collector Cabinets. When we release more in-game collectible trading features, it’ll also be used to pay fees when you trade collectibles in-game or transfer them between your Collector Wallet and MetaMask wallet. To bring further utility to this currency, in the future we will also release new collectibles that can only be purchased using Silver.

🌐 A global currency

Silver is a global currency that will be purchasable for real money on all nine Habbo websites’ Shops, and will be usable on all nine hotels. It’s for this reason that Silver costs the same in real-terms, no matter which hotel you buy it from. For example, if we sold a bundle of Silver that costs 5 United States Dollars on, based on current exchange rates that would cost over 20 Brazilian Real on, and over 140 Turkish Lira on

💲 In-game fees

We will confirm the trading fee cost when we launch features that require it. We estimate that a single trading fee (for one in-game trade) will be equivalent to roughly €0.1. Fees will be payable when using the following features, all of which are due for release over the course of 2024:

Important: these fees will not apply to trades that don’t include collectibles. Silver is an entirely optional currency for those who want to stick to regular item trading.

💰 NFTC remains as the ecosystem's premium currency

We will continue to release items priced in NFTC. NFTC remains the ecosystem’s premium currency, accumulated via ownership of Premium Collectibles like avatars, portraits and rooms.

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