Christmas in Habbo 2023

Chocolate theme

We are all super excited for Christmas as its coming closer and closer! Habbo published a blog showcasing the upcoming chrismtas releases. Guess the theme? Everyone’s favourite snack: chocolate! 🍫🍫

Earn free furni and badges

Christmas is consistently a significant event in Habbo, and this year is no exception. As you likely know, the Quests feature has been reactivated in the Classic client, offering a fresh array of quests to conquer during this festive season.

Moreover, Habbo has introduced an entirely new collection of items for the gift calendar – 12 adorable collectible duckies! Who can resist the charm of ducks? In Habbo, everyone adores these delightful creatures 🦆.

Additionally, there’s a special reindeer-themed ducky available exclusively through completing quests.

Goldsmiths, time to craft!

Crafting typically holds significance in Habbo events, and this year, its role is heightened. To create the Golden Accessory pack and three gold variations of current clothing items, special golden tickets are essential. ✨

These golden tickets will be distributed through this year’s gift calendar, quests, and possibly via social media, serving as prizes for in-game activities and competitions!

Details regarding the specific quantity of golden tickets needed and other required ingredients will be disclosed at the launch. Stay tuned to Habbo’s social media channels and website for updates.

Christmas Wearables

This Christmas brings an extensive array of fresh seasonal clothing, accessible through various channels: the in-game Shop, gift boxes from the Collectibles Shop, crafting (both collectibles crafting and in-game), social media giveaways, and purchases from the rare/regular Shop.

All the clothing items that are not classified as rare fall under this category.

Additionally, they have two rare clothing items and one LTD clothing item. In my opinion, this is exceptionally cool – and having a crown for the one-year anniversary of the LTD clothing item adds an extra touch of coolness. Securing the first spot for that is bound to be incredible; I’m eagerly anticipating discovering who achieves that 🤯.

Christmas Collectibles

A plethora of Christmas-themed Collectibles is making its way to Habbo this year. Alongside some appealing wearables (refer to the above), there’s a multitude of chocolate-themed items and even brand-new custom chat bubbles 💬.

The majority of these delights will be accessible through two exclusive gift boxes, both available for purchase and as giveaways. Stay tuned to our X page and be sure to join the Discord for additional details, set to be unveiled early in December 👀.

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