Changes to NFTC Distribution

On October 23rd, Habbo NFT is introducing a change to NFTC distribution that rewards active participants in the ecosystem, and reduces overall supply.

• Instead of being directly added to your balance, we will change the system so that NFTC will accumulate but it will only be added to your balance if you claim it.

• If you don’t claim any NFTC for 60 days, you will stop accumulating it. You should consider this 60 days a buffer. (❗️ IMPORTANT: you won’t lose any NFTC that you have already accumulated.)

• Every time you claim NFTC, the 60 day buffer resets.

• You only have to claim your NFTC once every 60 days. E.g. You could let your NFTC accumulate for 59 days, and then claim it all on day 60 to get the full 60 days’ worth. Then, you could wait another 59 days, and do the same.

To maximise the amount of NFTC you get, we advise regularly checking in and claiming your NFTC to keep your timer active and ensure you’re always accumulating credits.

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