Streets of NFT Update

hey all, got lots of news related to the Streets of NFT event we ran earlier this year πŸ‘‡

πŸ† Streets of NFT Trophies

all members of the Robo Raiderz gang have been airdropped a Streets of NFT Trophy! congrats to you all, make sure to tweet us a pic of you standing next to it hehe

πŸ’΅ NFTC creator royalties

the three pixel artists that designed the gang posters and limited edition Brain Sofa have been awarded their NFTC.

amounts below:

β€’ @HabboJeca: 53,700 NFTC
β€’ @Teschietto96: 13,120 NFTC
β€’ @ExtraKenStudios: 13,160 NFTC

this was super fun to do and we’re stoked to have rewarded Habbo creators in this way

we plan to do this again in the future in some way, watch this space πŸ‘€

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