Badge Guide: Street of NFT – PacMan (Global)

Streets of Bobba - PacMan

The Streets of NFT have officially opened their gates. Starting today, you have the opportunity to join the Streets. To learn more about Streets of NFT, please refer to the following article:

How to play Pac-Man

Make sure you are wearing your gang badge and type !play
Once you are on the color tile enter the teleport
Step on the ring plates to join the queue
Once you join the line, wait until is your turn to play and get a color assigned
Once you get a color assigned step on the color tiles that match your color of helmet and chair to win, beware, try to avoid the totem planets or they will teleport you back to your seat
When you win step infront of the motorcycle to get badge/point
Once you win you will get a unique badge, plus you add a point to your gang team
This event will remain open the whole week

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