Habbo X Room Upgrading is now Live!

Room upgrading live

Habbo enthusiasts can now upgrade their rooms with NFTC as Habbo X room upgrading has been enabled. The new feature can be accessed at nft.habbo.com/shop/?tab=rooms.

The website now displays the correct daily rewards that users can earn every day. The upgraded rooms will accumulate NFTC, and users can check the exact number of NFTC their rooms are accumulating in the “Rooms” tab.

To learn more about room upgrading and the cost to upgrade to each tier, visit hab.bo/3VDi3N7.

However, please note that Presidential Suites that have been upgraded to level 5 will not receive the highest daily NFTC reward, which is 15 NFTC per day. The development team is working diligently to add this top reward to Habbo X rooms.

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