NFTC Accumulation Now Enabled for Habbo X Rooms

Earn NFTC Credits with Your Habbo X Rooms

Attention all Habbos! We have some exciting news for you. NFTC accumulation is now enabled for Habbo X rooms, and you have been given today’s daily NFTC based on the rooms you own. This means that you can start earning NFTC credits simply by owning and using Habbo X rooms in the game.

Please note that although you will not see the increased amount of daily NFTC credits coming from your room(s) in the “Daily NFT Credit Reward” section in the Shop until the next scheduled update, which includes room upgrading, the NFTC credits will still be deposited in your wallet every day. So you can rest assured that you are earning NFTC credits for your Habbo X rooms even if you don’t see the updated amount immediately.

But that’s not all! Once the room upgrading update is released, you will be able to view the increased amount of NFTC credits both in the Shop under the “Daily NFT Credit Reward” section, and individually for each of the rooms you own in a new tab called “Rooms” that we’re adding. This will allow you to track your NFTC earnings more easily and make the most out of your Habbo X rooms.

Curious about how much NFTC credits you can earn based on which room you own? You can find detailed information on this page: Make sure to check it out to learn more about how you can maximize your NFTC earnings in Habbo.

So, get ready to level up your Habbo experience with NFTC accumulation for Habbo X rooms. Start earning NFTC credits today and watch your rewards grow. Stay tuned for the upcoming room upgrading update and get ready to see the increased amount of NFTC credits in the Shop and the new “Rooms” tab.

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