Habbo NFT Releases Trait Editing Blog

Trait Editing

Habbo NFT has announced the introduction of a new trait editing feature. The feature will allow users to customize their avatars by editing various traits such as clothes, accessories, and more.

Habbo NFT has been working on the feature for some time and has designed an extensive range of brand new traits for the feature. Additionally, Habbo NFT reviewed the feedback it received on the original proposal and consulted with the community council to ensure the feature is well received by the community.

Habbo Avatars has now shared a revised version of the feature design on its website. They have also added an info section to provide more details about the feature. Users are urged to read the entire document before asking questions on the company’s Discord channel.

Habbo NFT plans to launch the test version of the trait editor in the coming days. However, before the launch, Habbo Avatars is eager to hear feedback from the community on the proposed features. Users can provide feedback on various aspects such as trait design, price, and perks.

The price for crafting a trait will be 5k NFTC, and it will cost 5k NFTC to revert to the previous state. The feature also includes perks such as NFTC accumulation, airdrops, and claims. Users can provide feedback on these aspects and others on the traitediting-forum.

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