Discord Update from Muumiopappa

Hey @everyone!

Welcome to the new year! Despite a rocky Q4, we achieved a LOT during year 1 and we couldn’t have done it without you.

To start the year off strong, we wanted to address and resolve some community issues with you that arose primarily towards the end of last year. Overall, we know we need to make improvements in two crucial areas: technical issues and our approach to communication.

Technical issues:

• Room mint was messy, reserve list didn’t work initially.
• Room rarities were able to be changed after the mint.
• Mistakenly changing legitimate Xmas items into bug portraits.
• Free boxes claimable twice.

Communication issues:

• Lack of communication across the board: didn’t outline rarity before the mint, talked about many features right before they dropped, features not explained in enough detail.
• Specifically a lack of communication about what we were doing to fix the issue with the botted gift box.
• Errors in communication – typos, errors and inconsistencies in FAQs and blogs. NFT claim times were not clear enough for the community.


We’ve already been having internal discussions about how we can improve workflow, internal and external communications, and overall community sentiment. Based on your feedback and the outcome of the AMA, we’ll have specific action points and solutions to share later this month.


I know that you are likely to have a number of questions that aren’t covered by the above so we’re going to host an AMA for you. This time around, we decided to take our community council’s advice on the format of the AMA. So we’ll be taking and responding to questions in text as opposed to in a Twitter Space. We felt that this format would be more inclusive, providing a space that would be easier to follow up on all matters with you.

To take part, all you need to do is: Go to 📝︱ama-jan-2023 between 11th-15th Jan and we’ll answer your questions during the week of 16th Jan.

Plans for 2023

Discussions are in full swing for our plans in 2023. I’m extremely excited about building Habbo X and it’s safe to say that 2022 is just the beginning for the project! Some things to watch out for:

• Habbo X alpha 2 and 3
• More partnerships and collaborations
• Expansion of the project in web2 and web3

I’ve also very much enjoyed working with our community council in the latter part of last year and we will be expanding this and involving them more closely in our work to ensure the project works for the community.

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