Room of the Week – Janos

Week 40 - 2022

Welcome to our first edition of Room of the Week!
Every week, we will look at the NFT rooms you submit on our Discord or Twitter!

This week we have chosen the infamous Metaverse room of user Janos.
Because, what is more fun than a metaverse in a metaverse?

What inspired you to make this room?

I like the idea of making something look like its outside of Habbo. It gives people who enter the room a real “wow-effect.”

How long have you been building?

I’ve been building rooms since I came back after my 1337 year long break, so since around 2018.

What's your opinion on the NFT project?

I like it, especially that Habbo has been doing collaborations with different projects.

Can you share something about your next project?

I’m never really doing a single thing and mostly focus on multiple projects at the same time but I’ve been lurking on the new Shark Tank NFT and would like to create something nice with it! PS: Make sure to hit me up for building requests!!!!

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