Head Moderator – GeneralBoom

How long have you been playing habbo and how has your journey been through it?

I started playing in 2006, when I was a kid, I’ve gone through many stages as a player, it’s been many years.
I’ve had a lot of good times in Habbo, met amazing people, and that’s what keeps me coming back.

What was your initial reaction when Habbo announced the NFT project?

At that time I was also discovering the possibilities of the Blockchain and crypto-world, other NFT projects, utilities, communities…
I was excited because as a player I thought about the furnis, and as a fan of the NFT world I thought it was what Habbo needed, what they had been doing for more than 20 years was this, and it could work with this technology that more and more industries in the gaming world are adopting.

How did you get chosen to be a moderator?

Almost 1 year ago, there were few moderators, and they also wanted to open ES and PTBR channels.
They opened applications, and I applied, I am grateful that they gave me this opportunity and since then I have worked hard and put a lot of effort.

What has been the hardest things about being a moderator?

The hardest moment was at the beginning, because there was a stage when I had to carry the weight of moderation in a stage that required a lot of work and activity.
With the support of the community and the help of many, everything has been improving and we have evolved for the better.

What do you enjoy the most out of being a moderator?

I really enjoy helping, spending time with others, meeting people, chatting….
But if I have to say what I like the most, what really fulfills me the most is the help I give, in any way I can, helping others motivates me and is also part of my life and daily work.

Can you tell us about your newest Role as the Head of the Moderators?

The project is growing more and more, and more users are joining the Habbo NFT discord, so also the moderation team members has been increasing in order to provide a smooth and good moderation.
My new position as Head Moderator is to help coordinate a team that already consists of more than 10 people.
In the same way I want to thank my fellow moderators for their work as they all do an incredible job, we make a great team, I am very happy with what we are doing.
I also want to greet the Staffs team for their support and the events/art teams.

What are your thoughts about Habbo X? And what do you look forward on the future of Habbo NFT's?

I’m very happy that it’s getting less and less time before everyone can play Habbo X.
Avatar owners have been testing the pre alpha for 7 days and we have had a great time, the changes are noticeable, and we will be watching the evolution closely. Also i want to send greetings to the Avatar owners, and all the players with whom we have had fun in Habbo X and BarX.

If you could create an NFT furni, what would it be and why?

I think the easy answer and the one we all want, let’s not deny it, I would love it too, would be a Trippy Ban Hammer. It would be amazing
I think what furnis I would like to create and I can think of a lot, but when you have the possibility to create a new furni, the design, the creativity, innovate, it seems to me a very complex process and I admire the artists and those who are behind all this.

I wanted to end with a word of thanks to everyone and greetings to the discord community<3

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